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Nashville, Tennessee

 October 24, 2016 ,  December 3, 2016

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I own a cute puggle puppy for sale she's now 4 months old she actually is adorable however I wouldn't have plenty of time to take care of her I have to put within a much better home can be very energetic at times..

pls contact/call/txt..


The Puggle or Pugle is a cross between a purebred Pug and a purebred Beagle dog breed. Puggles are the most popular designer dog breed and we have included some pictures of Puggles below. Since both founding breeds are medium to heavy shedders, the resulting Puggles will not be low shed breeds. The breeders will say that the Puggle will take the best characteristics of both breeds and you will have a dog without the breathing problems of a Pug and one that has a much calmer temperament than the Beagle. If you look up the temperament of a Beagle you will find: “Beagles are calm, loyal and excellent with children and other dogs. The breed is cheerful and happy and they make good family pets except for the nose. Once a Beagle picks up a scent it will follow it to the exclusion of everything else. Beagles are like their cousin, The Basset Hound, and are fairly difficult to obedience train because of their independent or stubborn streak.” When you research the Pug you will find: “The Pug is an even tempered, easygoing, pleasant and friendly companion.

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