Puggle puppies for sale in pa
Parker, Pennsylvania

 October 6, 2016 ,  December 3, 2016

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Adrian E. Lankford

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We have a really cute puggle puppies for sale in pa. She actually is two months old. She's been dewormed and had her first booster shots. She'd love a family group with children or another pets. she gets a sweet personality and loves to play outside. A re-homing fee can be applied. She will sit and snuggle together with you and follow that you go. She is a good watch dog - alert to any strange noises or movements. She actually is in excellent health insurance is current it really is his vaccinations. Those planning to adopt will likely be screened for suitability and home environment. Serious inquires only. In case you don't have plenty of time for any puppy please don't reply.

This sturdy dog breed gets along well with children. The Pug doesn’t need much training but enjoys the process and is fairly easy to train” Puggle puppies are adorable as you can see from the 3 pictures of puggle puppies below. The fully grown Puggle should stand between 10 and 16 inches tall at shoulder height and weigh between 15 and 30 pounds, live for 12+years, with short hair that will shed, and be either somewhat stubborn or easily trainable. Since both founding breeds are good with children, the resulting Puggles should be good with children, strangers and make great family pets. Both founding dog breeds have a number of different health problems. While cross-bred dogs are sharing a larger gene pool, there is no assurance that only the healthy genes will dominate. It takes many generations to create hybrids that will breed true. Before you buy a Puggle puppy make sure that the breeder has screened the parents for eye problems and orthopedic diseases.

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