Non-Sporting Dog Breeds

Top ten non-sporting dog breeds

This is my favorite group of dogs. There are some great dogs in this group. There are 17 dogs in the non- sporting group. These are sturdy animals with different personalities and appearances. They come in different sizes and different coats, and personalities and overall Appearance.

1. Poodle
2. Bulldog
3. Boston Terrier
4. Bichon Frise
5. French bulldog
6. Lhasa Apso
7. Chinese Shar-pei
8. Chow-chow
9. Shiba Inu
10. Dalmatian

The Poodle

The poodle is the smartest and the most trainable of all dog breeds. The poodle is lively ,good natured, friendly, affectionate and very loyal. They will become very attached to there family. Poodles do not shed. They are pleasant, happy, and sensitive. They need to be with people and dislike being alone..

The English Bulldog

English Bulldogs what a face these cute dogs have. A medium sized dog they are not typically lap dogs, even though they would like to be. Bulldogs are recognized as great family pets because of there tendency to form strong bonds with children. They tend to be gentle and protective. There strong will and courage make Bulldogs rarely complain or whine they only bark when there is a real reason to. Some people see the English Bulldog as a couch potato, a lazy dog but this is the gentlest, loving, dependable dog. This dog is gentle with children, but known for its courage and it's excellent guarding abilities. Bulldogs are very much people dogs and they are always seeking out human attention and loving every bit of it. When Bulldogs are young they are full of energy but they slow down as they get older. They can snore very load, and also drool and slobber. The English Bulldog loves to please and will easily learn what is required of it. The English bulldog has a unique personality people often mistake There slow response to commands as being lazy , but those that know the breed know that dog want to consider the command before just jumping up and doing it. The best way for me to describe an English Bulldog would be big babies, they are the sweetest dog you will ever meet and own. So if you don't mind living with a sweet, slobbery, snoring, wants all your attention dog, then the Bulldog is the right choice for you.

Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier is a native American breed. The Boston Terrier have friendly , very strong, lovable, unforgettable personalities. I personally love this dog. I love there cute face and there awesome personalities. They are gentle, alert, expressive, and well mannered. They love to be around people , because they where bred to be a companion dog. This breed has a sense of humor. They are very sensitive to the tone of ones voice. This breed likes to learn making it easy to train. This is a great breed with great character..

The Lhasa Apso

The Lhasa Apso Is hardy dog with a friendly ,assertive, manner. They are devoted little dogs, that are affectionate with there masters. They need a strong pack leader, so negative behavior does not come out in the dog. They are highly expressive of there love and devotion , but have a mind of there own and want everything there way..

The French Bulldog

The French Bulldog so cute, I love these little dogs. The French Bulldog is a happy go lucky little dog. They require close contact with there owners. They have very low exercise needs, but do require daily walks. Their calm nature makes them great choice for apartment dwellers. They are a very affectionate breed . They are sweet and hilarious , they have a very comical personality and love to clown around. This breed can not be owned and ignored, they need owner interaction.

Other Great non-sporting dog breeds

1.Tibetan Terrier
2 Tibetan spaniel
3. Shiba Inu
4. Schipperke
5. Lowchen
6. Keeshond
7. Finnish spitz
8. Dalmatian
9. Chow-Chow
10. Chinese Shar-pei
11. Bichon Frise
12. American Eskimo dog

The Most Important Thing

The Most important Thing Is research the breed you are thinking of getting. There are so many unwanted animals in shelters because people didn't research to find the perfect fit for there family. I have included some great books to help you with your research.


This is the catchall group for breeds that didn't seem to fit in elsewhere, from the cuddly Bichon Frise, a little too big to be considered a toy, to the striking Dalmatian and the stunning but difficult Chow Chow. Their individual skills, original purposes and temperaments are almost as varied as their origins. The poodle is by far the most popular of the non-sporting breeds. A pampered, yet surprisingly active companion today, it once was a skilled truffle hunter. In more modern times, the poodle's intelligence and trainability saw it employed in show business, commonly in circuses. The poodle's opposite may be the bulldog. The national symbol of England, known for its strength and determination, it has been out of work since bull-baiting went out of fashion in the late 19th century. It now serves only as a loving, albeit somewhat sedentary, companion.

Always Remember Adoption Is the Best Option

Adoption is the loving option... consider adoption before buying a dog from a dog breeder or pet store. I know puppies are cute and it is so easy to buy a puppy on impulse. There are so many unwanted Dogs in Shelters and Rescue's that it is astonishing and heartbreaking. So please always do your homework on the breeds you are considering and do not buy on impulse , know what to expect and find the right breed for you. If you feel u have found the right dog for you please consider adopting a unwanted Dog at your local animal shelter or rescue . It is truly sad that we as a animal lover society have such a throw away mentality with our own pets. So please consider giving A unwanted Dog a loving and Forever Home.