black and tan apple head Chihuaha Terre Haute

Chihuahua Terre Haute, Indiana, United States
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Very friendly and sweet Black and tan male apple head Chihuaha puppy. I'd keep him but we actually have another among the pups. and i have a very chiweenie. The puppy is approximately a few months old. he features a small baggy of food. He actually is the sweetest thing. he's been crate training. can put a blanket over it for him to stop. The apartment we are moving too only allows 2 dogs. He's funny and cute. He does potty outside when you take him out.

Millions of individuals around the world are dog lovers. Unfortunately many of these individuals live in residences that prevent them from being a dog owner. For some no pets are allowed by their landlord, while others have too small of a space for a dog. However, many individuals with small spaces are discovering they can own a Chihuahua, which is actually the smallest dog in the world. Before you bring a Chihuahua home to your small or large living space you should learn what to expect.

One of things many individuals underestimate about Chihuahuas is the size of space they actually need. Chihuahua dogs love to run and play as they have lots of energy and are very interactive. This is why it is important for you to take your Chihuahua outside every day to ensure he or she gets enough room to run around without being limited by space.
Individuals who want a very personal dog that is highly interactive with them should consider a Chihuahua. This particular breed of dog likes being around people and hates when they are left alone. This is why many owners of Chihuahua dogs utilize the services of a daycare center for dogs when they are at work during the day.

For individuals that want a Chihuahua but can't afford to put them in doggy daycare, they may want to get two Chihuahua dogs. Just as Chihuahuas enjoy being around people, they also enjoy being around other Chihuahuas. It is best to get both Chihuahuas when they are little so that they learn to get along. In addition, it is recommended that you get your Chihuahuas fixed when they are very young as this eliminates the danger they face from other dogs. Due to the fact they are small dogs, they don't have the ability to defend themselves against other dogs especially when they are in heat.

Individuals should be aware that Chihuahuas dogs are very possessive and have a natural instinct to protect their owner even though most only weigh five to ten pounds. Not only will Chihuahua dogs bark at strangers or anyone posing a threat, but they will often bite or attack the individual. Even individuals living in the same house aren't always safe from the attack if the Chihuahua makes a strong, special bond with one individual. This is why it is important for families to consider whether or not a Chihuahua is really the perfect pet for them if they have small children.

Chihuahua dogs can be a great pet for individuals and families to own due to many of the qualities they offer. However, Chihuahuas do have some drawbacks that can present problems for some individuals and families. This is why it is so important for individuals and families to do their homework before they bring one home to ensure they fully know what to expect from this particular breed of dog.

Bringing a Chihuahua home can be very exciting and rewarding if you know what to expect of the dog in advance. Finding Chihuahua information before you buy or adopt a Chihuahua is important so that you know what the typical traits and behaviors of the breed are in advance.

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