AKC registered Bullmastiff puppies
Roswell, Georgia

 October 28, 2016 

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AKC registered Bullmastiff puppies (2 female). they are 11 weeks old and ready for there new homes. All my dogs are my "family" not a pet that is kept in a yard, or kennel, but in the house on the couch! Now that doesn't mean I believe all my bullies need to live in homes where they are allowed on the couch, but if you want a guard dog for outside, I'm NOT the breeder for you. And really if that's what you are looking for I would STRONGLY suggest that a bullmastiff is NOT for you!

Bullmastiffs are from the working group and they most certainly do have guarding instincts, after all they were bred to be the "gamekeepers night dog" they were bred to catch and hold the poachers on the land owners estate, but during the day it was family time! No gamekeeper wanted a dog in his house that was going to attack his family!

A bully is a strong dog and a big dog! Bullies can be stubborn and need an owner that knows how to get the best from their dog. Knowing how to do this does NOT mean being physical...after all, let's face it...you wanna try and move a 140lb. bully when he is NOT happy!? Believe me he will be stronger than you! You MUST let them know early, who is the "alpha" dog and never wavier....through love and structure you can accomplishment this!

If you think that you are the owner for a bully and they the family addition for you please call/text only..

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