pedigree affenpinscher puppies for sale
Douglas, Wyoming Capital

 October 10, 2016 ,  October 10, 2016

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Steven Grier

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Pedigree affenpinscher puppies for sale requires a whole new home having a yard or even more frequent activity! he is wonderful with kids, including my toddler. He is defensive of his family and nervous around larger dogs, but have to do well with another dog if introduced gently. He is very submissive with folks and not always with dogs. Never aggressive though.

I'm only rehoming him because he does not prosper within my apartment complex with many dogs coming and got going in the yard. He would like to flee leash and play, but he can't relax with all of these dogs coming near his person and residential! He needs a better yard where the guy can run and play without a great deal of big dogs. Like i said, he could be amazing with others. Very sweet and cuddly.

He barely sheds, is fully housebroken, crate trained, and may walk over a leash. He's not a consistent barker or destroyer of products. One and only thing he requires is outdoor some time to chew toys like all young dog. He loves bones and stuffies.

I am trying to find a permanent home for him i really will speak to whoever replies to help make the best match.

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