Komondor puppy looking for a large fenced in yard
Indianola, Mississippi

 December 14, 2016 ,  December 14, 2016

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Having to rehome our 8 month old Komondor He is a sweet and intensely lovable dog. He just simply is very little good fit for your home. He needs to perform a farm or in a really large guarded yard. I think he would be better suited as a possible outdoor dog. The Komondor breed is an extremely special and amazing breed. He could be still a puppy so he continues to have one particular behaviors. But he is a very sweet dog who just desires to be loved on. My son and i also are heartbroken but we all know we can't provide him with what he needs. Once we got him, I worked 2 blocks from your house. I surely could get home a couple of times a day and allow out and have fun with him. Now I've a 30 minute commute and the man doesnt obtain the time and attention from me he deserves. He loves kids. Actually, he loves everyone. He's a great protector, barking at new cars in your driveway. We might love as a way to see him now and again. And we don't have a secured yard (a good reason why I'm rehoming him) but he typically doesn't run away when we're outside with him.

If you've read this far, I am hoping you're still interested. I will be pretty picky about who he travels to as they deserves the most effective. I think you'll understand that. I actually do have a very simple contract i requires you sign. Just stating items like you'll return him if it isn't working, he will be neutered, he won't be in a kennel, etc. Among the best to make certain he's taken care of. This program his protection.

All with that being said, please get in touch if you're interested and now we can arrange a visit. There exists a rehoming fee involved. I am looking forward to meeting you! Their coat requires some maintenance and several brushing. Taken care of, they'll shed hardly any. These are a Hungarian Sheep dog. Very protective, very loyal. We love our puppies greatly very first very heartbreaking. We rescued him while he was two months from your pretty crummy situation where he was infested with ticks and flicks and not given health care. He is current with shots and comes with a chip. I believe he would do best with another dog. We check out the dog park many times per week anf the husband LOVES all dogs which is very friendly using them.

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