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Bennington, Nebraska

 January 18, 2019 

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Irish Wolfhound Puppies Available. All our puppies are tested for liver shunt, wormed every 2 weeks, de-flead and micro-chipped, 6 weeks free insurance and vaccinated before they go to there new homes. Our wolfhounds are part of our family and enjoy using there own specially assigned paddock as a huge play area. Our puppies go to there new homes with an extensive puppy pack which includes food, information of the breed, money off coupons and much more. All of our puppies are Livershunt Tested and results can be seen and also included in puppy packs.

I'm sure that a lot of you are not familiar with the breed of dog called Irish Wolfhound. The Irish Wolfhound is one of the oldest recorded breed's of dogs. Records of the existence of Irish Wolfhounds go back to the 1 st century in Ireland where they were bred for war. The Irish initially named these dogs Cu Faoil, or the Irish Wolfdogge. These large shaggy haired dogs were often used by farmers to protect their livestock and guard their homes.

Historically, Irish Wolfhounds have been seen as something of an enigma. Frequently references to these dogs have been found in books of historical saga's and romances, in the western world giving these dogs almost mythical properties and qualities. Physically an Irish Wolfhound is a large animal weighing about minimum one hundred and fifty pounds for the males, and approximately one hundred and twenty pounds for the female. The male Wolfhound grows to an approximate three feet in height, and on going arguments between breeders, as to whether the Wolfhound should be classified as the World's largest dog, still exist. As per the AKC (American Kennel Club), they state that they are the tallest and largest galloping hound and probably the tallest of all dogs.

Never the less, even with their over size figure, the wolfhound has not one ounce of aggressiveness in their behaviors explaining why they call them the "gentle giants". I'm personally at my first experience with a wolfie and believe me, it is just an amazing one. My dog is tall, rough-hairy, long tailed, beautiful, clumsy, affectionate and the best dog I ever had! Puppies grow very quickly which is very hard on their bones and joints and therefore it is crucial to assure a proper nutrition for this type of dog. Exercise needs to be control until their bones and joints are well developed. You need to always remember that Wolfhounds as puppies have the same behavior as other breeds and you need to adjust to their size. They act as puppies until about 12-15 months and therefore start to mature and reach their full maturity around 3 years of age. The only down side is that they live from 6-8 years with a average of 6.5 years in which why they got their name of the "Heartbreak breed". Osteosarcoma, the most common bone cancer in dogs is the leading cause of death for Irish Wolfhounds followed by heart failure. Torsion of the stomach is also seen in this breed or any large breed in which occurs when gas builds up in the dog's stomach and therefore the stomach may twist.
Is a Wolfhound the breed for you? You need to ask yourself if this large breed is for you. How big do they get...BIG is the answer but they are well aware of their large size. On their 2 feet with their front paws on your shoulders, they can be as tall as you if not more. They get along with other dogs and cats, they love children and regardless of their oversize, they are calm, gentle and low-energy dog. Just as other dogs, they love taking walks and play but are also very happy lying down keeping your feet warm. They are very loyal to their family and will be by your side at all times. Let's just say that as soon as you move in the house, be ready to expect that your wolfhound is most likely right behind you. The only time I could say that he has no idea how big he is would be when he would like to act as a small breed and come lie down on your lap...this is how close to you they like to be.
As for my personal experience with my Wolfhound, he has changed my life. He is such a gentle, devoted and loving dog. The only danger of my dog would be his tail as when he is happy and wags it, it can hurt when he hits you so just stay away from the tail and you'll be fine. My wolfhound will always give me affection and come to get his hugs every morning which you just cannot give them cause he will sit in front of me and will not move until he gets them.
So, is a wolfhound for you? All dogs give unconditional love and let me tell you, Irish Wolfhound sure gives a lot.

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